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SC10 & dm_ses_enclosure

Timo J
Frequent Advisor

SC10 & dm_ses_enclosure

System consists of 2-node A500 cluster and SC10 disksystem. EMS started to print to syslog following message with no obvious reason in about 2 hour frequency:

Jan 11 21:18:32 host2 EMS [23950]: ----- EMS Monitor Restart ----- Title: dm_ses_enclosure Command: /usr/sbin/s
tm/uut/bin/tools/monitor/dm_ses_enclosure Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Company Version: B.01.00 To obtain a lis
t of currently monitored resources, execute the following: /opt/resmon/bin/resdata -M 2282373324

There has been no reboots, no HW/SW-configuration changes, no patching for a long time that could produce these restarts. HP recommended patching (of course), but I'd like also to know, what might be the reason for these restarts?