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SC10 with HP9000 model K220 is it possible???

Jim Mulshine_2
Occasional Visitor

SC10 with HP9000 model K220 is it possible???

Hi all.
Anybody knows if works K220 machine with external SC10 unit ? If it is possible
why ?
Any ideas will be appreciated...




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Re: AutoRAID management

Jim, Your best solution to collect and analyze data from multi-host
configuration will be HP consulting.
Contact your nearest HP software support office or call Hewlett-Packard to be
directed to these services.
Steve White_8
Frequent Advisor

Re: AutoRAID management

Hi Jim,

I did a bunch of poking around on our autoraids and here is what I think. I
wrote a little script

use cron and run this thing during peak load on the server. I would run this on
each server connected to the autoraid.

touch /home/jim/disk.txt
iostat 5 5 >>/home/jim/disk.txt
sar -b 5 5 >>/home/jim/disk.txt
sar -u -M 5 5 >>/home/jim/disk.txt
swapinfo -a >>/home/jim/disk.txt
vmstat 5 5 >>/home/jim/disk.txt

This will give you how the servers are running with your disk.

Then on a server that the autoraids are connected to arraydsp -i (write down
the serial #s)
arraydsp -m 0102080000 2802170000 serial # >/home/jim/autoraid1.txt

the review this output and find your peak period the run the following.

arraydsp -r ddmmhhmmyy ddmmhhmmyy serial #

this will provide you with advice if it has any. I found in my review that
implementing striping of the LUNs was necessary to get better performance. This
I did not find from the autoraid statistics but from the little script.