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SC10 with full bus problem

Frequent Advisor

SC10 with full bus problem

Two L servers with two HBA each form a cluster with two SC10 arrays with two controllers in each. One bus HBA-CntlA-SC10-CntlB-HBA works fine but the other works unstable and logs a lot of warnings about one of array's controllers in both servers. Really stm shows a big differens in temperature given by different sensors of that controller. But the other controller of that array does not show its status at all.

Does both controllers need replacement?

Occasional Advisor

Re: SC10 with full bus problem

Try to change the place of the HBA, the A in B place and reverse, changing the switch configuration A for B and reverse, to check HBA sensors, if continue problem maybe come from enclouser (dust...)if not HBA sensors are working bad.