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SCA 32 compatible with SCA-2 Drives

Adam McCurry
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SCA 32 compatible with SCA-2 Drives

I Purchase most of my hardware from CDW, and Im looking into Purchasing a LC2000 Model Machine for a Database server. When I told my sales rep from CDW that I was interested in installing Quantum Atlas 10k II drives instead of HP standard drives he told me that his tech guys have had a problem with that configuration. He stated that the Connector on the Atlas Drive was on the wrong side of the drive (think he said it was too far to the left instead of centered), but the problem he described sounds like they were trying a 68 pin drive instead of a 80 pin SCA version of the drive. But his concern has put up a red flag in my mind, so before I continue on planning this server I am trying to research the difference between the drives that he quoted me as working in the server model i am looking into.
He has listed the p1168A drives, The only difference I can find between these drives on HP's and Quantom's website is that the HP drive has a SCA 32 connector and the Quantum has a SCA-2 connector. Is the SCA 32 a HP propriatary connection that limits me to using HP drives in this configuration?
Thanks in advance
Roger Faucher
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Re: SCA 32 compatible with SCA-2 Drives

The LC2000 support page 'mass storage guidelines' states the following:
"Use only HP LVD SCSI 3.5-inch hard disk drives for the Hot Swap drive cage."

Quantum's website has a disclaimer which would make me feel pretty good about getting a vendor to provide me with a drive contingent on it's working in my LC2000. CDW should be willing to sell you a drive and take it back if it doesn't fit. There is an image of the Atlas 10K drive on Quantum's website and the connector look dead center to me.

Good luck.

Oh, I almost forgot. You should check out HP's LC2000 mass storage web page at:


especially with respect to the requirements for spacers related to airflow.
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