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SCSI duplex best config

Ian McDean
Occasional Visitor

SCSI duplex best config

I am looking at the best way to configure our DL585 G4 servers they have the smartarray 5i plus scsi

the server is set to duplex and i have 1 set of sytem disks that i want mirrored (raid 1+0) and the other raid 0 (data drive). From reading the documentation i am not sure how to configure the drives i.e.

system drive 1 in slot 0 (1st from left)
data drive 1 in slot 1
system drive 2 in slot 3
data drive 2 in slot 3


system drive 1 slot 0
system drive 1 slot 1
Data drive 1 slot 2
Data drive 1 slot 3

In duplex mode slots 0 and 2 are scsi id 0 so my guess is that the first method will be best as we will be using both channels for disk access.

Any guidence would be appreciated