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SDM upgrade.

Honored Contributor

SDM upgrade.

I have SDM A.1.05.00 for VA7400. We have received SDM A.1.06.00 and would like to upgrade.

Can anyone let me kow exact steps?

I am thinking of

1 backup
2 remove old SDM
3 install new.

One more thing what is I install it on some other node.
we have 3 nodes connected to this array.
will therebe any conflicts in doing so. i.e SDM A.1.05.00 on one node and SDM A.1.06.00 on other.??
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Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: SDM upgrade.

your action plan is correct. Please take care of PanConfigParams.txt file to return it back / check if it was not removed because this file carries almost all config parameters for SDM.
Of course it will be better to have latest SDM on all the nodes, but if your VA has HP18 (latest) firmware then minimal SDM required is 1.06. If VA has HP15-HP17 then 1.04