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Re: SMA RemoteDesktop Timeout

Bernd Reize
Trusted Contributor

SMA RemoteDesktop Timeout


we are using a DL380 Server as Storage Management Applicance for management of our EVA Boxes (CommandView, SEA, ISEE and so on is installed on it).

When connecting to this server via RDP, there is a hard set Timeout value of 15 minutes. Does anyone know how to change or disable this timeout?
We already changed the local security policy (Amount of idle time required before suspending session), no luck. The timeout seems to be triggered elsewhere, maybe one of the agents?

Any input appreciated,
Justin Fourie

Re: SMA RemoteDesktop Timeout

Hi i thing this might help

open active directory on your domain controller right click your User Name select properties then select sessions tab

look at thouse settings i think they are the ones affecting you
Bernd Reize
Trusted Contributor

Re: SMA RemoteDesktop Timeout

thanks four your input.
the session timeout values are all set to "never". that should be correct, or do you think it might be worth a try to set them to some value (like 2hours ie)?