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SMA30DB - for cluster use

the kid
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SMA30DB - for cluster use


Does anyone know if I can use my SMA30DB as a shared storage between 2 Redhat linux nodes of a Heartbeat cluster?

From what I've seen in the forums, some say you can, and some say you can't.

Currently, I have one linux node connected to the SMA on one SCSI controller. I would like eventually to connect the other node, to see the LUNs and to be able to mount to the same partitions as the first node (not simultaneously of course).


The kid
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SMA30DB - for cluster use

"DB" in MSA30 DB means "dual bus". The first 7 disk bays are connected to one IO port. The remaining 7 disk bays are connected to the other IO port. That is not really suitable for a shared storage.

As far as I can tell, you cannot disable the IO port's termination, so it must be at one end of the SCSI chain. You _might_ be able to build a shared bus, if you have the necessary equipment to run one server 'mid-bus' without termination:


Of course, the SCSI ports on both servers need to be able to run at different SCSI IDs (usually 6 + 7).