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SMART 2/P Controller on win2k


SMART 2/P Controller on win2k

|I have a proliant 3000 running w2k server, when using Compaq ACU to configure the Smart 2/P array , it informs me that RAID is not available on this Controller, however I can create arrays of one or more disks, these arrays appear as a single drive in windows disk manager, this is the same regardless of how many drives I configure as a single array,
and conversely any RAID configuration created in windows IE: RAID 0>5 don???t show in ACU, is this normal? Also is windows Disk manager a reliable way to create RAID volumes?

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Re: SMART 2/P Controller on win2k

Can you provide the following:

1- Firmware of the controller.

2- Version of SmartStart used.

3- Version of the ACU.

I've see this issues when for example the array was configured with an earlier version of the ACU and then when you go to reconfigure it with a newer version it presents poroblems.

Also, remember that an array is a collection of logical disks on this controller. Please let me know what you are seeing. what does the pop up window actually say. when you select the controller in the drop down menu what do yo see as arrays and logical drives.

In the LDM, perform a disk rescan so that it reinitiates the controller and scans the bus. The new volumes should appear right away.

Re: SMART 2/P Controller on win2k

Unfortunately I am away from home at the moment and will not be able to supply the information you require, however I will get back to this post in ten days or so

Thanks again

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Re: SMART 2/P Controller on win2k

>"Also is windows Disk manager a reliable way to create RAID volumes?"

1. No, Windows Disk Manager can only create software RAID. Software RAID is not good idea if you can do hardware RAID instead.

2. A hardware RAID should appear like a single large disk to disk manager.

3. Run the Compaq Disk Configuration utility from within Windows and see what you get.

Re: SMART 2/P Controller on win2k

I understand what you say about ???software raid??? so it is always preferable to use Compaq ACU as opposed to WDM?
I like the graphical representation, in windows, but as I stated earlier, my array controller won???t let me create RAID volumes, all the theses options are greyed out .
I have seen the ACU for Windows 2000 but I have not downloaded it yet, I will do so when I???m back at home also find the latest firmware for the controller,
Is there any way to see my array configuration in windows DM?
As you said if I create an array of for example two or more disks, it appears as one disk in WDM
( size = total of the number of disks used)
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