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SNMP test traps from XP12K

Fabrizio Austria
Occasional Contributor

SNMP test traps from XP12K

Does anybody know if it is possible to generate and send a "test" SNMP trap from a XP12000 subsystem... without having to pull one disk off the box?
We are in the process of testing the trap forwarding from the various systems in our infrastructure and would like to see traps coming when we "need" them (ah, the frenzy world of I/T!).

Thanks in advance, Fabrizio
Sivakumar MJ._1
Respected Contributor

Re: SNMP test traps from XP12K

Check this document....


I think you should have DIAL HOME facility configured or ISEE or Remote Support Pack for monitoring your environment..
For HP Online Case Logging-->http://support.openview.hp.com/
Fabrizio Austria
Occasional Contributor

Re: SNMP test traps from XP12K

Thanks for your fdbk! That's OK,
but actually we set the IP address of our SNMP manager/collector in the Install SNMP tab of the XP12K subsystem.
We now expect it to generate Alerts as usual AND send SNMP traps to our target system.

All we would like to do is to create a test trap and see it popping up on our SNMP manager log. (without waiting for an actual problem event to happen)

Thanks again, Fabrizio