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SOLVED!! -> Error 1706 with P410 + SAS 3TB non hot plug

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SOLVED!! -> Error 1706 with P410 + SAS 3TB non hot plug



After installing a P410 (fw ver. 6.4) with two non hotplug Western Digital SAS 3Tb disk. I want have a RAID 0 lun for data looking for performance ( not important data )


My OS boot drive will be a SATA disk conected to the on board SATA controller (controller1 port 1) my DVD unit is conected to the SATA controller 2 port 1 (for optical devices) the RAID option for both is desactivated in the RBSU.


I configured in the P410 a logical unit with ORCA in RAID 0. When I try to reboot the server I get this error:


"1706-Extended BIOS Memory Data (EBDA) has been Corrupted Array Controller Interrupt 13H BIOS can not Continue. System Halted"


I tryed to change the card boot order, tryed to change the slot for the P410, tryed to desactivate sata embeded controller, tryed a lot of things readed at inet but... the only thing that works is... delete de logical unit at the P410. When I configure from the OS (ACU) a new logical unit and reboot... I get the error again.


I'm getting mad about the problem...


My last tray was move the SATA disk with the OS to the P410 but... same problem.


Please, any advice/help?


Thanks in advance



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Re: SOLVED!! -> Error 1706 with P410 + SAS 3TB non hot plug

Just explain the problem and solution found.

The problem were not in the hardware... I builded a logical unit of 5.4Tb and... Windows needs to set the volume as GPT. Other way... can't start the OS boot process...

I understood that a memory corruption is a hardware issue but...