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SQL Server 7.0 and Stripe Size

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

SQL Server 7.0 and Stripe Size

Wanted some information about the proper Stripe Size to set for each raid. I have two 5302 controllers in a Proliant 8000. On controller one, I have a Raid 0+1 set that defaulted to a 128kb Stripe Size, then a 70GB Raid 5 that defaulted to a 16kb (I changed it to 32kb). The second controller has a single 70GB Raid 7 also defaulted to 16kb (I changed to 32kb). What is the proper Stripe Size for a system with 65% read to 35% write system. Would I get any performance lift by changing the RAID 5's to 32kb or should I have left it at 16kb. Also the Raid0+1 will have write heavy tempdb on it. Should this be lowered? Please let me know if there are any documents that can help. I would also appreciate some suggestions. This system is still in the setup and testing stage so it can easily be rebuilt.