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SVP password

murat bilal

SVP password

There is an XP 12000 configured by someone at our Company. I log into SVP and try the following procedure:

SVP (Modified mode)--INSTALL--Change Configuration--LUn Configuration--Volume To space but then it asks me a password for this operation to complete.

I try the same operation from Remote Web Console,but it gives me an error of 3 2011
The status of the subsystem requires maintenance(for example the subsystem is blocked the shared memory is inconsistent or some other factor). But when I look From SVP everything seems Normal.

Can anybody help me for this issue.Is there any default SVP password.Thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: SVP password

Hi Murat

You should not be logging into the SVP to perform any maintainence on the XP array. This is for HP trained personnel ONLY. I don't know how you got the password for the SVP in the first place, but you should not be on the SVP.

You should contact HP and log a service call for this array. Very bad things can happen (possibly unrecoverable) if you don't know what you are doing on the SVP.


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kim latril
Occasional Visitor

Re: SVP password

I have the default SVP password -so accessing the SVP is not a problem.

what I would like to do is change configuration- here again the Svp asks for password/passwords.

This xp12000 is not under HP maintenance and presently not in production.

Does anybody have the Passwords or know how to decode them from any of the SVP files ?

Thanks in advance, Kim
Thomas Callahan
Valued Contributor

Re: SVP password

I'm in a similar situation as you kim. I find it ridiculous that if you want to take the array off maintenance and self-support the array, that HP has locked down the setup so it's pretty much useless unless they are in control.

This seems like it should be illegal in some form, especially for an array that costs so much.

I understand that without proper knowledge of the system, you can break it. But that is the customer's choice. If you break it, it's not under contract maintenance, so it's not HP's problem.
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Re: SVP password

ask hp support. nobody will post such things to a forum.

Hope this helps!

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