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Fred Metcalf
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SVP training

How do I go about getting training for using the XP SVP program? I know this is reserved for HP engineers only but we want to certify our engineers for XP support.
Missing MPE :-)
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Re: SVP training

Hi Fred,

I sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the SVP is only for HP. It is passworded and only HP support people have that password. (I am an HP employee). I can tell you from a customer perspective, you will never need access to the SVP, with the exception of the webserver running on it (the RWC)

As only HP support personel are allowed on the SVP, I would have to say the only info your team should have for SVP issses would be the HP support number.


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Re: SVP training

HP employees are not the only ones that can read the SVP logs, there's plenty of 3rd party service companies that can read them.



stephen peng
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Re: SVP training

you want to learn about SVP, so you must have access to XP array. No dvds for those array? there were full documents on HDS arrays' DVD and SUN-OEM HDS arrays' DVD.