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SWCC on OpenVMS for HSG80

Gary Smallridge
Occasional Advisor

SWCC on OpenVMS for HSG80


How do I setup the pair of HSG80's that are connected to an Alpha running OpenVMS (V7.3-2 Update 13).

I've tried using SWCC (V2.2) but I'm confused by the question:

Enter a name for a subsystem: hsg80_top

Enter the device name used to access this subsystem: ???

Is this asking for a serial link setup on, for example, TTA0?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SWCC on OpenVMS for HSG80

Are you connected via an SWCC agent on the OpenVMS system?
In that case you have to specify the device name of the HSG80 CCL, e.g. $1$GGA5:.

The "5" has been set with:
HSG> set this_controller identifier=5