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San Questions

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San Questions

Hi all,

I am a prohect manager and due to restructuring in our company i have now been asked to manage our IT team. I need to guage the level of technical knowledge within the team and would like some information on certain aspects of SANS to see if the guys looking after this aspect of our infrastructure are up to speed or whether we need to send them on more courses. I would apreciate it if someone could email me(raj@marks-clerk.com) some Questions and answers regarding Sans. If it helps we have two eva 4000 sans onsite.

Thank you very much in advance


Peter Mattei
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Re: San Questions

Hi Raj

A good source of knowledge is the HP SAN Design Guide on http://www.hp.com/go/sandesign

It does not have questions in but gives you a good overview of SANs and attached storage.
I would use Part I (Architecure) as a source to challenge your storage folks.
An EVA SAN administrator should be familiar with this document anyway!

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