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Save data on removed drives

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Save data on removed drives

I have a PL 1500 with a SMART array (not SMART/2) and 4-2GB
drives attached in a RAID-5 array. I want to replace the 2GB drives
with 4GB drives. I know I will have to backup and restore the
data, 'cause the SMART array isn't smart enough to expand an
array dynamically.

Question is: When I pull the 2GB drives, will the data on them still
be intact and usable. I'd like to tuck the 2GB drives away on the
shelf and, if things go really bad, put the 2GB drives back in and get
running again.

Is this possible? Will the data on the 2GB drives be retained after I
have removed them from the system and replaced them with 4GB

If so, do I shutdown the Proliant before removing them, so that the array controller doesn't think the drives died for some reason?

Any words of advice greatly appreciated.

(I originally posted this in the Proliant 1500 section before I realized
that there is an Array section. Sorry for the duplication.)
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Save data on removed drives

The data will be retained on the 2gb drives . Before you reinstall the 2gb drives , you'll need to clear the Smart Array Controller settings , from the Advanced EISA Mode ( hit Ctrl A at the Main Menu Screen of SCU ) . Then Advanced Features from the "View and Edit Details " screen , you should see an option under the Smart Controller to clear settings .

Once the controller has been cleared , the drives can be reinstalled . They must be reinstalled in the exact same order they were before removal.