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Screen corruption initializing NetRAID 3si firmware

Robert Wagman
Occasional Visitor

Screen corruption initializing NetRAID 3si firmware

Adapter is in a non-HP system. Machine POSTs and adapter BIOS displays, with "please wait, initializing firmware..." flashing for 2-3 minutes, then the screen corrupts with multicoloured garbage characters and the machine locks up.

Have tried:
- Draining CMOS battery on adapter.
- Removing battery backup module.
- Removing and replacing cache RAM modules.
- Inserting card in PCI slots 1 through 5.
- 3 different machines (one P3-750, one dual PPro 200, one P3-733, all with PCI bus @ 33MHz, busmastering and PCI 2.1 enabled).

Is there some common issue or fix with this card, or is it just corrupted firmware (which means replacing the card)? I know this card should work in non-HP systems.

- Robert