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Scripted EVA shutdown

Occasional Visitor

Scripted EVA shutdown


I found the following thread on ITRC regarding scripted EVA shutdown:

I have two additional questions:

1. Will doing shutdown as described in the thread also power-off the batteries on the EVA?

2. Is the scripted shutdown procedure supported for all models of EVA, i.e., 4000, 5000 etc?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Scripted EVA shutdown

1. It should do, although I have seen software/hardware combinations that did not power off the batteries, even if they were told via Command View. But you need to test the script in your environment anway, don't you?
Let us know about the result.

2. Sure. SSSU just talks to the Command View EVA agent which then talks to the EVA controller.