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Security - array drive wipes

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Security - array drive wipes

We have some windows server that we leased that we are going to return soon. Before we can do that, we need to wipe their hard drives.

We need to find a tool (we can buy something if we must) that meets the following requirements:

1) Can see and wipe disks attached to Compaq array controllers.

2) Works off of a bootable floppy or cdrom (this isn???t a requirement, but will speed things up)

Is there anything like that out there? If not what are some solutions you would suggest?

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James A. Donovan
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Re: Security - array drive wipes

Never used it myself, but you could try this program...

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Chris Vail
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Re: Security - array drive wipes

Norton Utilities has a wipedisk program that is very effective--VERY EFFECTIVE. You can get it from norton.com or from your neighborhood computer store.

Seth Parker
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Re: Security - array drive wipes

As an addition to Chris's suggestion, if you own Symantec's Ghost software, you probably have the utility (or one similar) he mentioned. I've not used it with Compaq's array controllers, but I created a boot diskette to wipe workstation drives before disposing of them.

Good luck!
Vincent Fleming
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Re: Security - array drive wipes

Of course, there's always the bulk-eraser...

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Re: Security - array drive wipes

I would like to thank everbody for the suggestions. I finally found a program that will work with Compaq disk array controllers. it is Disk Sanitizer v2.0 from East-Tec http://www.east-tec.com/dsksanit/ I tried several programs but none would work with the raid array controllers. Even so in order for this to work you must create a raid 0 or 1 array. No hot swap drive otherwise the program will not scrub the hot swap drive. It's a very slow process and depending on the size of the array.

Here are some DOD approved sanitizers i've found. I've tried a couple of them but the East-Tec product best served my needs.

Thanks again,

Nicholas Torres

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