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Server storage options coming to the Storage party


Server storage options coming to the Storage party

Welcome everyone to Storage Experts Day. You might wonder why server experts are on hand but this is a party that everyone can contribute to. Count on our team to answer questions about Smart Storage, server drives, arrays and more. If you are interesting in set-up, configuration and troubleshooting, check this out ....



Re: Server storage options coming to the Storage party

Most wanted content includes …

HPE Smart Array SR Gen10 Configuration Guide identifies, and provides instructions for, the array configuration tools availablefor Hewlett Packard Enterprise controller and server products. Designed for system administrators.

HPE Smart Storage Administrator Scripting Cookbook includes advanced scripting terminology and scenarios for HPE Smart Storage Administrator users. The primary audience is the system administrator with a good working knowledge of storage hardware and the configuration of logical drives and arrays

HPE Smart Array SR Secure Encryption Installation and User Guide features installation, and configuration information about HPE SmartArray SR Secure Encryption and is for the person who installs, administers, and troubleshoots servers, compute modules, and storage systems.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is committed to providing documentation that meets your needs. To help us improve the documentation, send any errors, suggestions, or comments to Documentation Feedback (docsfeedback@hpe.com). When submitting your feedback, include the document title, part number, edition, and publication date located on the front cover of the document. For online help content, include the product name, product version, help edition, and publication date located on the legal notices page

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Re: Server storage options coming to the Storage party

Gen10 controllers include simplified naming conventions and performance enhancements. Check out the HPE Smart Array SR Gen10 User Guide that documents all of the supported features.

HPE employee