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Set Up Remote client access via SDM

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Set Up Remote client access via SDM

Dear All,

Appreciate your help.
I want to set up a remote client access to VA7400 via SDM .
I want the procedure to do that.
I found the below doc on ITRC , however, i couldn't get the details on how i should configure the client
Should i need to install SDM client on the client, what is the whole procedure to follow to configure the remote client to access VA?
I appreciate your help and ask you to advise me how to assigh points to the persons who will reply on this message.

"HP Surestore Command View SDM - Setting up Remote Client Access

Document description: HP Surestore Command View SDM - Setting up Remote Client Access
Document id: lpg35172
HP Surestore Command View SDM - Setting up Remote Client Access
When using a remote client to manage arrays, the client must be granted access rights by the Command View SDM host connected to the array. This includes both clients running Command View SDM, and web browser clients. Access rights are managed using a special access file that is maintained on the Command View SDM host. This file contains the IP addresses of clients that are allowed to manage any array connected to the host.

The following files are used to control client access:

access.dat - standard installation

authorizedClients.dat - HP OpenView Storage Area Manager (SAM) installation

NOTE: By default the configuration file contains a value of "". This localhost entry is required for Command View SDM host operation and must remain in the file.

On the Command View SDM host connected to the array, open the configuration file in a text editor. The file is located in the following directory:

HP-UX and Linux: /opt/sanmgr/hostagent/config/

Windows: \sanmgr\hostagent\config\

HP OpenView SAM: \sanmgr\managementserver\config\

Add the IP address for each client requiring access to the arrays connected to the host. Single client IP addresses can be added, or a range of IP addresses can be added using the wild card "*". For example; 10.62.128.* grants access to any client on subnet 128. The use of wildcards is recommended when connecting from clients configured for dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP).

Save the configuration file.""

Thanks in advance
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Set Up Remote client access via SDM


after you did the steps mentioned above (and eventually stop/start the opendial and hostagent daemons or services on the server that runs CommandView SDM), just point with your browser on the remote client to :.


This should give you this text in the browser window :

(c) Copyright 2000-2003 - Hewlett-Packard Company
hp StorageWorks Command View SDM web server

If this works, then you are sure the CommandView web server runs on that server.
If it does not work, try with the ip address or full dns name etc.

This is a basic test so you know the access table is correctly setup and the CV SDM web server runs ok. Then to get the complete
CV SDM on your remote client, use this :


I think this is all documented in the CV SDM manual if you have that available.