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Shared SCSI - Netserver Storage 12

Oyvind Hovden
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Shared SCSI - Netserver Storage 12

We're experiencing problems with our Windows 2000 cluster server. The configuration of the cluster is two nodes set up to share two Netserver Storage 12. Each node contains a NetRAID 3Si controller, and this is set up with two channels, each pointing to one Storage 12.

Latly there were added 8 new disk to the array (4 in each storage 12). These were set up to a new logical disk with a RAID5 config.

Problem: The new logical disk cannot be seen from one of the clusternodes. We have tried shutting down both nodes, and starting just the one that fails, but with no luck. (Node1 sees D: E: F: - Node2 sees D: E:).

First we thought the problem was inside Windows, so we reinstalled node2. No luck.

Reading the configuration of node2's NetRAID 3Si controller, we can see all logical disks including the new one. We suspect a corrupt config in this controller (NVRAM?), and would like to read the config from the disks into the controller. (The same way as one would do when replacing it with a new one).

How can we clear just the disk config from the controller, keeping it's other settings and be sure to keep all data in the storage intact?

I'm not sure when clearing/deleting config only in the controller, and when I'm actually making changes to the disks?

Please help.

(If there is other ideas of what could be causing the problem, please respond.)

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Re: Shared SCSI - Netserver Storage 12

This link describes the config reset..

and this one describes supported configurations:

I'm not an expert on the windows side of disk arrays, so can only point you around.

Hope it helps,
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