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Shutdown & Disconnect 12H array

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Mike Keys
Regular Advisor

Shutdown & Disconnect 12H array

We have migrated 3 of our N4000's to a SAN from a 12H array. It is now time to shutdown and remove the 12H's. I would like some help ensuring that I am doing things correctly.

Here's what I have done so far:

/etc/fstab - commented out all entries referring to the old 12H vg's.

/etc/rc.config.d - changed the parameter in 'hparamgr' and 'hparray' to 0

attempted to run 'arraymgr -s shut -V [arrayid]' but kept getting a device busy error. I shutdown via the front panel.

ran '/sbin/init.d/hparray stop'

Am I o.k. to turn off at this point and disconnect/terminate?

Do I need to remove LV's or VG's that were present on the 12H?
Mike Keys
Regular Advisor

Re: Shutdown & Disconnect 12H array

Just to clarify, each N4000 was attached to its own 12H array.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Shutdown & Disconnect 12H array

Hi Mike

One think you missed is lvmtab entries.For removing this you need to do a

vgexport command

vg12h ==> your VGS in 12H
#vgchange -a n /dev/vg12h
#vgexport /dev/vg12h

Rest sounds good and you are in the correct move.You can go ahead and do this.

The Better option will be Reconfiguring the 12H in case if you want to use it somewhere else.oYu dont want to go for lvremove and all.

Mike Keys
Regular Advisor

Re: Shutdown & Disconnect 12H array

O.K. did the following:

ran the vgchange and vgexport commands

'strings /etc/lvmtab' shows current configuration to be correct.

I still am seeing the device busy error when trying to shutdown array with arramgr -s shut [arrayid].

How important is it that I issue this command? Will shutting down via the control panel do the same thing?

Did I need to vgreduce the vg before doing vgchange and vgexport?

The 12H manual does a great job showing how to install, but there is very little documentation (none) on removing a 12H from a server.
Mike Keys
Regular Advisor

Re: Shutdown & Disconnect 12H array

Can I now go into /etc/lvmconf and remove the entries associated with the now obsolete vg's from the 12H?