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Slow RS/12 FC

Hans-Jürgen Lange
Frequent Advisor

Slow RS/12 FC


I have a Rackstorage RS/12-FC with 4 72GB SCSI Disks installed but have only 25MB/sec Transfer-Rate. Measured with hdparm -t on a Linux machine. On an LH4 which also have only a 80MB/sec max. SCSI-2 Bus I do reach about 55 MB/sec anyway the LH4 has less cache memory.
It makes no difference what drive configuration I decide to use. RAID0/1/5 its allways the same speed.

How to increase the performance?
How and if yes, why does the BBU influence the speed. Maybe this is the failure because I think they are at the end of life.

Hans-Juergen Lange