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Smart-2/SL: Win2000 installation

Steffen Bruns
Occasional Contributor

Smart-2/SL: Win2000 installation


I'm having the following problem when I try to install W2k Server on a raid5-array (already created) attached to the Smart2/SL:

When booting from the CD, no controller is found. When I chose to install a driver provided by Compaq by pressing "F6" at the begin of the installation, I'm told that the "textsetup.oem" could not be found. That's right - it is not on the floppy disk(s) I created. Both driver versions Compaq offers for download (cp001070 and cp002573) do not include that file.

Firmware version is 4.50.

Am I the only one having this problem?

Btw: I'm not using that card in a Compaq server - is there a way to configure arrays on the controller without having an OS installed?

Steffen Bruns