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Smart 2P Controller with Compaq SP750 Workstation

Paul A Broadwith
Occasional Visitor

Smart 2P Controller with Compaq SP750 Workstation

I have a Compaq Professional Workstation that I want to use as a server. I have a Smart 2P Array Controller and a Compaq Storage Systems F1 Array with disks. As you might expect I've had problems setting this up.


1. I can't erase the controller configuration. I've tried Smart Start (which isn't setup for a Professional Workstation so wouldn't even boot). I've also tried a few system erase disks created from the Smart Start CD and from this site. Nothing.

2. I thought I would be smart and install Windows Server 2003 and then the Array Configuration Utility and configure the array that way. Problems with this is that the workstation tries to boot from the array controller when it's installed and not from either IDE or from the SCSI card. There seems to be no way to actually stop this.

Can anybody give me any help, pointers or ideas?!?!
Tom Jendruczak
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart 2P Controller with Compaq SP750 Workstation

I suggest you try making a BartPE CD and copying the Compaq ACU files to the CD before you burn it. You can then boot the BartPE interface and run the cpqacu.exe file to launch the Array Configuration Utility. This will allow you to delete or create whatever arrays you wish, unfortunately it will not likely help with the boot device selection. The workstation will still likely try to boot from the array no matter what you change in the bios. However if you wish to ultimately stop using the onboard IDE and SCSI controllers for booting then you should be fine. I have not tried one of these array controllers in a SP750, however this does work with SP700 and AP400 workstations.