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Smart Array 221 Configuration on Proliant 1600R

Jeff Woodard
Occasional Visitor

Smart Array 221 Configuration on Proliant 1600R


After a long holiday weekend, I was greeted by 4 red flashing drive lights on our 1600R server. Upon reboot, the system tells me that there is no logical drive configured. After inserting the smartstart CD, the ADU tells me:

Smart Array 221 Controller
swapped cables or configuration error detected....
Controller is not configured
RIS Copeis between drives to not match
no configuration for array accelerator board.

Nobody was in the office over the weekend, so the likelyhood of swapped disks is very slim. It looks like the array controller lost it's configuration. The ADU shows all of the drives with no errors and operational.

I started to re-configure using the ACU from the smartstart disk, but was hesitant to do so without a solid KB article to work from.

The array 221 controller has firmware 4.44, the drives firmware is B016. There are 6 18.2 GB drives inserted, and were in a raid 5 configuration. There were two logical drives configured. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

This is/was our company file server, and we haven't been able to replace our backup device which also failed recently.
Jeff Woodard
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart Array 221 Configuration on Proliant 1600R

Update - The actual error message I was receiving on boot-up was:

1785 - Slot 4 Drive Array not configured. Drive positions appear to have been changed. Run ADU if previous posiitons are unknown. Then power off and move drives to original positions.

I had swapped controller cards and cages and still got the same result.

"Slot 4" finally clicked in my head, and I pulled out the drive in slot 4, which allowed it to recognize the configuration. I powered off again, and re-inserted the drive, and this time it prompted me to 'F1 - begin automatic drive recovery'. The server was then able to boot, and the drives are doing a recovery.

thank goodness!