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Smart Array 221 Configuration

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Smart Array 221 Configuration


I have a maybe unusual configuration problem with some older HW parts.

I want to install a Smat array 221 controller into a AP500 Workstation.

When I assemble everthing the WS starts up and want me to configure the array.

For the AP 500 I get two array configuration utilities.
1. ver 1.20b which boots from the floppy but doesn't support the 221 controller.
2. ver 2.0 which works from NT and upgrades the System partition.

The problem is that I don't have a system partition cause I need the utility to configure the array and place the system partition on the new created Volume. I also don't have NT 4.0 installed (no array configuration yet).

So is there any array config utility to start from Floppy which is supporting:
1. AP 500
2. Smart ARRAY 221

Thanks for any help