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Smart Array 3200 Battery replacement

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Tom Gerken
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 3200 Battery replacement

I have a 3200 Rev A Firmware 4.48 that I have added some drives to and would like to expand the existing array to include these drives. It seems my batteries that back the cache are no good. I have two spare 3200's that are Rev A but Firmware 4.16.

It is OK to replace the F4.48 with a F4.16?
Do I need to update the Firmware to match?
Can I just replace the cache/battery module with one from a different card?

THanks, Tom
Chanler Childs
Frequent Advisor

Re: Smart Array 3200 Battery replacement

You should be able to swap the battery/cache modules with no problem. Alternatively, you could flash one of the other 3200's and simply replace the one with the bad cache.
Tom Gerken
Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart Array 3200 Battery replacement

Compaq Tech Support agrees that I can swap the Battery/Cache module. They suggested doing a system erase to clear the card cache (I did this to my spare card on a spare server.)

Swapping the whole card - are there any configuration settings stored on the card?

I'll probably just swap modules.

Thanks for the input!