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Smart Array 3200 external array problems

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Smart Array 3200 external array problems

We have a Proliant 3000 with a SmartArray 3200 controller. One channel is connected to an internal hot-swap drive bay. One external channel is going to an external raid box (Granite Digital) containing 4 Seagate Barracdsa ultra scsi drives. It is terminated.

We went to add an additional raid box, daisy chaining it from the Granite Digital box with Seagate drives. This is also a Granite Digital box, containing Maxtor Atlas ultra scsi drives. All drives have unique id's and the end of the chain is terminated.

We were able to boot from the smart start cd, create the additional array. We then formatted it in NetWare and everything was ok. When trying to copy files to the new array, the server locked up. The bios reported a failure on teh SmartArray 3200 card. Disconnecting the new Maxtor drive array fixed the problem. Now it keeps prompting to re-build the other external Seagate array (we hit F2 to not rebuild.)

Is there some incompatibility with the SmartArray card and daisy-chaining 2 external drive cabinets? Should we allow it to re-build the array?

Any suggestions on what will make this work?