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Smart Array 431 Failed Drive Not Rebuilding

Kevin Dace
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Smart Array 431 Failed Drive Not Rebuilding

Running NetWare 5.1 on a Compaq ProLiant ML370 with a SmartArray 431 controller. Trying to expand the array size by failing the disks one-by-one and letting the array rebuild in between (recently successfully completed this on an identical server). Removed the first disk and replaced with a new, bigger disk. However the rebuild didn't start (did get the message saying a device had failed and the array was running in interim revocery mode). Just noticed that on all six disks in the array NONE of the drive indicator lights are on. The activity lights flash on all disks apart from the failed one. Any ideas? My next step is to re-boot the server but I'm a bit hesitant to do this.
Leon Rosier
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Re: Smart Array 431 Failed Drive Not Rebuilding

First of all, make sure your smart array controller has the latest firmware.

Second, the method you are using is not supported, but can work. The way to do it in that case is: shutdown server and remove a disk, start server and press F2 to fail the drive that has been removed. hotplug the new drive and wait till the rebuild has finished. shutdowb the server, remove second drive..and so on. in the meantime, don't let the OS boot, only then, you can be sure that the data on your drives stays the same !!

The problem you are facing now can be firmware related. I would do following:
update the firmware of the smart array, this can be done by an online upgrade.
After this bring down the server and remove the new disk. Start the server and it should report the failed drive. If it prompts for F1, F2 message, choose for F2 to fail the drive. Boot from smartstart cd, hotplug the new drive and start acu from smartstart to see if the rebuild starts.
and....make sure you have a good backup before doing any of the above steps of course....

Good luck,