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Smart Array 5300 - main menu

Conny Andersson_1
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Smart Array 5300 - main menu

I have a problem with a Compaq Smart Array 5300 controller that I really hope you can help me with. For the moment I use it in a non-Compaq server. When I boot up the server and press F8 to go in to the ???Option ROM Configuration for Arrays??? I can???t see the Main Menu, all I see is a line saying ???Controller: Compaq Smart Array 5300, slot 2???. I normally get a menu from where I can configure the arrays, but now it???s just not there. I have run the computer with the exactly same hardware configuration before, so I know it should work. I am able to boot up the system with the configuration a have, so the card doesn???t seem to be broken. Is there any way to reset the controller and do you think this will help, or do you have any other idea how to solve this issue?

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Conny Andersson