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Smart Array 5300 reporting Ready to Rebuild

Mark T. Hanson
Occasional Visitor

Smart Array 5300 reporting Ready to Rebuild

I have a smart array 5300 in a ML570, which had a drive (146GB) go bad a week ago. We've gotten a replacement drive, and when we put it in the System Management Homepage (v showed the logical drive as rebuilding for a while, then switches to "Ready for rebuild". I'm afraid that if another disk fails in this array, the logical drive could be lost.

I've updated the firmware with the 7.20 Firmware CD, and rebooted the server a few times to no avail. Ive also tried to change a setting on the array controller (rebuild priority from low to medium) with no luck.

The system is running RHEL 3 Linux (kernel 2.4.20-27.9bigmem), with the 7.40 version of hpasm.

Any help would be great!

Mark Hanson
Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 5300 reporting Ready to Rebuild


Ready for Rebuilt in my opinion shall be the case where you will have to initiate the rebuild process. AllthoughI do not have any exact hardware to check.

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Mark T. Hanson
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart Array 5300 reporting Ready to Rebuild

Over the weekend, I rebooted the server and it came up that the rebuild had been canceled. I pressed F1 to initiate automatic rebuild, and it began to boot. I left it at the GRUB start screen where I could select my kernel, and let it rebuild with no drivers installed or activity on the system. The drive blinked for a while and then went dark (the cylinder light isn't lit), and when the OS booted the management webpage still shows "Ready for rebuild"

Still looking for a way to solve this...

Respected Contributor

Re: Smart Array 5300 reporting Ready to Rebuild

Hi Mark,
Have you got a proper replacement??? Is the capacity is same?? because some times there is a chance of less capacity on compatible disks.. Rebuild may be failing because of less space..

Try to do an initialization of new hdd &also try the verify option..

Note: Please make sure you are doing the activity on the new drive!!!!!!!


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