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Smart Array 5312 and RedHat 9 Linux

Mogens Kjaer
Frequent Advisor

Smart Array 5312 and RedHat 9 Linux

Two questions:

I have a ML370/G3 with two 2.4G Xeon's,
4.5G RAM, Smart Array 5312 and 8 146G disks.

All 8 disks are configured into on RAID 5 drive.

I install RedHat 9 without any problems.

However, if I test the speed of the array with:

dd if=/dev/zero of=big.dat bs=1M count=10240

the system hangs after a while. I can ping
the system, I can write a user name on
the Username: prompt on the console, but
the password prompt doesn't appear. A hard
reset is needed.

If I boot the 2.4.20-18.9smp kernel instead
of the default 2.4.20-18.9bigmem kernel, it
works without problems. But then Linux only
uses the 4G RAM. If I remove the smart array controller, attach the disks to the on-board
scsi controller, and run Linux software
RAID 5 on the disks, I don't have this problem.

How do I solve this problem?

Next question:

I've done some simple speed tests using
the dd command above:

8 146G disks in one RAID 5 system on
the smart array controller:
Writing: 31 Gbytes/sec, Reading: 81 Gbytes/sec.

7 146G disks attached to the onboard SCSI controller. Linux software RAID5:
Writing: 84 Gbytes/sec, Reading: 186 Gbytes/sec.

Do I need to make something special in
order to get more speed out of the
Smart Array controller?

Carsten Schrag
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart Array 5312 and RedHat 9 Linux

I think i 've got the same Problem ...


Proliant ML 570 G2 (newest Bios)
2x Intel XEON 2GHz
4,5 GB RAM
NC 7770 Gigabit Ethernet
Smart Array 5312 (128MB) (newest Bios)
6x 72,8 GB Disk (5 + 1 Spare Raid 5)
20/40GB DDS4 8x Autoloader


Suse Linux 8.1
Kernel 2.4.19-64GB-SMP (latest version)
Reiser FS


the system looses its filesystem
(maybe driver or controller freeze ?)
on heavy disk load (during backup, etc.)

ping works, but nothing else
login is impossible
system load goes infinite
ASR won' t reboot ...

---> Hard Reset

any ideas ?

Carsten Schrag
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart Array 5312 and RedHat 9 Linux

The kernel boot-parameter
(found on the suse homepage)
solves my problem ...