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Smart Array 532 RAID level changed from 5 to 0

Ed Nitch_1
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Smart Array 532 RAID level changed from 5 to 0

We have an HP ML530 G3 with a Smart Array 532 v2.38 controller and (3) 72gb 10k rpm drives. Drive 0 had failed and caused a BSOD "Kernel_Data_InPage_Error" which indicates data corruption on one of the drives. The drive was marked with the red 'X' but apparently automatically reactivated itself before a tech could get out to site and replace it while it was still red. The server was rebooted by the client and everything seemed ok for a few days. We attempted to replace the failing drive on 2 occaisions, but found that when we did the server no longer booted, until the original "failing" drive was reinserted again. HP techs had no explanation at the time and the array configuration utility had been run during the second attempt at drive replacement to check on the controller status. It turned out later that the RAID level was set to '0' not 5. The server had to be restored from tape. During the server rebuild it was noted that the array configuration utility automatically chose RAID level 5 by default. QUESTION: has anyone had an issue where while configuring a servers RAID controller that it would default to level '0' or would switch from 5 to 0 at somepoint during the config, or even possibly had some kind of raid memory corruption causing the level 5 to 0 switch over?
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Re: Smart Array 532 RAID level changed from 5 to 0

When you run the Smart Start ACU configuration "Wizard", it will attempt to choose the best configuration for you. Naturally, it saw three drives and decided the best thing to do was a RAID5. The tech/customer did not make the decision to use RAID0 and just accepted the config from the wizard.

Here is the ACU Users Guide:
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