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Smart Array 5i Controller Status Message 1082

Patrick Coffey_2
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 5i Controller Status Message 1082

I have an issue I hope someone will be able to help me with. We have a server that is attached to a drive enclosure with 14 fully populated bays. It is set to RAID 5 with a hot spare. We had a drive go down and attempted to use the hot spare and it would not rebuild. Using the ACU I came accross this status message:

"The current array controller has one or more logical drives in array C that were created on a different controller and moved to it. Expansion, Extension and Migraion will be disabled on the array as long as the transported logical drive(s) exist on it and there is no battery backed cache on this controller.

If you want to perform any of these operations, possible solutions include:
* Move the array back to the original controller.
* If your controller supports it, install an array accelerator (battery backed write cache)."

The specs for the card are:
Hardware Revision - B
Firmware Version - 2.38
Rebuild Priority - Low
Expand Priority - Low

Has anyone seen anything like this before? We do not have a spare battery backed write cache module on hand, so is there a solution outside of trying to acquire one? This is the first time I have seen this type of message from the ACU. We are fearful that if another drive fails we will loose the array, which would be pretty bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.