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Smart Array 5i raid5 expansion

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Smart Array 5i raid5 expansion

I have a smart Array 5i controller in a Proliant DL380. Current configuration is 3 146gb drives in single raid-5 array. One volume. 2 partitions in windows server. I have 3 new 146gb drives that I have physically installed into the server.
I am using array software and cant get the job done. Can someone help?

I want to add new drives to existing array, volume, and second windows partion. Adding storage capacity to Windows file server. (without taking the server down)

I was told this was possible, but I've been lied to before.
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Re: Smart Array 5i raid5 expansion

Hello gatesm,

I think this can be done,not sure if you tried this.

1.Add the new 3*146Gb disks to existing array(Array A).

2.Add the additional storage to the existing logical volume(Volume A).

Pg 5-7

3.Use diskpart utility to extend the data volume(i suppose its D:\ in your case).Also be aware C:\ can't be extended via diskpart.


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Re: Smart Array 5i raid5 expansion

Hi there,

I've got this document form HP about 4 months ago and tried to extend C: drive, it didn't work the way they stated it should, they retired the distribution of teh documment since it wasn't official so I've made my own research and modified it a little bit.

I included links to all the documentation I've found to help me extend the C: drive.

See attachment. (*.doc in *.rar file) -> Use winrar.

(I left the document autor e-mail)