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Smart Array 5i

Arvind Saxena
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 5i

Hi All,

I have Prilient DL 360 G3 machine with 1.5 GB RAM and 2x 18.38 GB SCSI HDD+Windows 2003 std.

Now my problem is with RAID settings--

By mistake external consultant installed RAID 0 with 2 logical drive -- that means there is no fault tolerance between two Physical drive.

Now My question is can Create one logical drive with two physcial drive witout DELETING DATA ?

Respected Contributor

Re: Smart Array 5i

Without adding new hard drives it is not be simple...
First scenario:
Add 2 36GB drives, create new Array, create Logical drive with RAID1 level. Try to use third party software such as Acronis True Image to cloning existing partitions.
Second scenario:
Backup and restore.
1)Resize existing partitions to 18GB size (Acronis Disk Director).
3)Delete existing array
4)Create new array and logical drive RAID1

I'm not 100% sure about third scenario - RAID level migration 0 to 5 (with adding 1 drive)
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 5i


since it's a DL360, you cannot add any extra disks (only has 2 slots).
You will have to delete data. At least delete logical drive 2, then see if you can migrate logical drive 1 to RAID 1+0. If that does not work, then you will probably have to delete both logical drives, create a new one and reinstall/restore.