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Smart Array 6400 Bad Battery - ACU Code 263


Smart Array 6400 Bad Battery - ACU Code 263

Hi all,

OK, this is quite infuriating... I recently received an older MSA30 storage array (P/N 302970-B21) via donation from my former employer to my current employer (a school). It is attached to a Smart Array 6400 in a ProLiant DL380 G3 that I also received from them.

Now, it seems to work fine, EXCEPT that when I boot from SmartStart and enter the ACU, I get two "Status Messages" on the 6400 Controller.

The first is a Code 263, which basically says that one or more array accelerator batteries on the controller are failed and must be replaced.

Well, I did that and still I receive the message! HUH?! Now, the two batteries I replaced were P/N 274779-001. There was one on the board itself and one on the 128MB memory module.

Why am I still getting this code if I replaced BOTH batteries? I hope I didn't buy those new batteries for nothing... Is there a completely different battery I'm missing??

I'm also getting a Code 347 saying that the cache is not configured. But i assume this is related to the aforementioned issue and will go away when resolved. Right?

PLEASE help. I need to get this beast working as it is holding up a great many other builds...



Re: Smart Array 6400 Bad Battery - ACU Code 263

Nevermind, all good. They must have just needed time to charge. Or perhaps the firmware upgrade helped... All good.
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Re: Smart Array 6400 Bad Battery - ACU Code 263

let it finish charging and firmware updates