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Smart Array 6400 Logical Drive Never Successfully Rebuilds

Level 3 Bill
Occasional Advisor

Smart Array 6400 Logical Drive Never Successfully Rebuilds

Here's my hardware:

HP DL385 G1
Smart Array 6400 Controller
- 6 x 300 SCSI disk
- configured as 1 RAID 5 set
- RAID 5 set divided into 4 logical
Running RHEL 3 Update 5

The problem I have is one disk failed. This caused 2 logical partitions (according to the systems management software running on the server) to be in degraded mode.

I pulled the bad drive and replaced with a good disk, then rebooted the server. During boot, the new disk was detected and the array controller started to repair the RAID set. After the box boots, I can watch the logical volume repair progress thru the systems management url.

The problem is the logical volume stops; and the logical volume returns to the status "ready for repair"; the next logical volume starts its repair and the same thing happens.

The end result is the Smart Array sees the new disk and reports it in good health, but the logical volume will never repair itself. This behavior repeats upon every reboot. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Smart Array 6400 Logical Drive Never Successfully Rebuilds


run an array diagnostic utility and post it here and also an screenshot for the array configuration utility

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Level 3 Bill
Occasional Advisor

Re: Smart Array 6400 Logical Drive Never Successfully Rebuilds

Karlo - Thanks for the reply.

I was in a pinch and had to rebuild the RAID 5 set and the 4 logical volumes.

However, I have other like HP DL385 systems that exhibit the same Smart Array 6400 issues. I will collect this info and post.