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Smart Array 6400 does not rebuild

Oliver Brandt
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 6400 does not rebuild

We have two logical drives on 14 physical drives configured. after a disk failure only one of the logical drives does a recovery.
Logical Drive 1:
Drive Status: Ready for recovery
Logical Drive 2:
Drive Status: OK
both logical disks are on the same array.
does anyone know what the problem is?

attached you find the smart array diag report.
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 6400 does not rebuild


I supposed server is fine (up and running)

let me ask you what id the status for the replaced HDD? in ACU and LED?

try this workarond

update firmware to latest 2.80

- after that get a Smartstart CD(SSCD)
- power off your server
- remove all HDDs but not the one that you - replaced (let that HDD in)
- boot with SSCD
- use erase utility and delete all
- power off server
- remove HDD that was in
- return all HDDs same position, but not the one you took out
- insert the HDD you replace when server is up and running again

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