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Smart Array Compatibility

Steven Lowrance
Occasional Visitor

Smart Array Compatibility

I have two Proliant ML530 servers. One has a Smart Array 4200 and the other has a Smart Array 431. If the server with the 431 crashes, will the 4200 controller recognise and accept the configuration stored on the drives? In other words, can I move the drives from a 431 to a 4200 without losing the configuration and the data?
Seth Parker
Trusted Contributor

Re: Smart Array Compatibility


It doesn't look like it, as the 4200 is an older controller than the 431. You'd have to call HP Tech support to be sure, but I know they only say they're compatible moving forward (so your 431 should be able to handle the 4200's drives, if you're not using more than one channel).

Check out this link for more info on the naming scheme: