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Smart Array E200i - Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued logged in System by HpCISSs2

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Smart Array E200i - Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued logged in System by HpCISSs2

I have a HP ML 350 with a Smart Array E200i which is having a couple of issues and I would like some advice on how to best diagnose the root cause and to recover from the problem.


This server is not covered by a HP warrenty or service pack sadly.


This is a server I have only recently begun looking after and the system log has the following event logged very frequently (every 1 to 5 minutes during the working day)


Log Name: System
Source: HpCISSs2
Event ID: 129
Task Category: None
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued


At the same time as this being logged all drive's seem to "reset" and the server hangs for a few moments before returning to normal. This event has been logged as far back as I can see in the event log so it has been present for a number of months at least.


Last week the drive (installed into physical port number 4 showed as offline - a replacement disk has been ordered and is ready to install into the server however while the disk was offline the raid device reset error continued to be logged very frequently - which as the drive in question was "offline" at the time makes me think there is an additional issue other than just this one disk... after a power cycle caused by the server seeming to crash over night the disk in port 4 came back online.


The raid controller now shows the logical drive in a "Rebuilding parity" state. This is a logical drive made up of 8 x 146gb SAS disks with 1tb of space so I would expect this to take some time - however using the latest Array Configuration Utility it showed the progress at 0% after 24hrs.


Reading another post I have set the priority of this process to be high and restarted the server to see if that allows the task to begin. However after 6 hours it is still at 0% progress.



I have created a Array diagnostic report and it seemed to show a number of errors logged for all of the physical drives  -


Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 1I:1:4 Errors Logged 1638 (0x00000666)

Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 1I:1:3 Errors Logged 1670 (0x00000686)
Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 1I:1:2 Errors Logged 1026 (0x00000402)
Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 1I:1:1 Errors Logged 14 (0x0000000e)
Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 2I:1:8 Errors Logged 610802 (0x000951f2)
Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 2I:1:7 Errors Logged 539 (0x0000021b)
Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 2I:1:6 Errors Logged 473 (0x000001d9)
Physical Drive (146 GB SAS) 2I:1:5 Errors Logged 654 (0x0000028e)


However the one drive that seems to be far and away the highest error generating is drive #8


I would like to replace the disk in slot #8 but I assume that this can't be done while the logical drive is rebuilding parity. Is it worth waiting for this to be completed as it is not progressing at all well.... or instead destroy the array and reinstall from a full server backup.

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Re: Smart Array E200i - Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued logged in System by HpCISSs2

Just as an update - the disk order listed in the report seems to corrispond to the physical location on the front of the server as 1:1 shows as Mark Bad Failed which is port #4 on the front. This would make 1:8 the drive in port #5 on the front panel. If anyone can confirm it would be appreciated.