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Smart Array P410 low speed

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Smart Array P410 low speed

I have dl185g5 with instaled P410/512 w/o battery.

Some of my SAS 3Gbps drives and some SAS 6Gbps. When I looked into the smart Array config utility saw:
Drives SAS 6Gb / s run at only 3 GB / s.
Why? How i can use full speed?



Steven  Bucek
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Re: Smart Array P410 low speed

For the best performance all the drives should be the same interface speed. Looks like you will need to swap those 3gb drives out for 6gb ones to get that level of performance..


From the quickspecs -


NOTE: The components of a storage subsystem (e.g. the drive, the HBA/controller, firmware, and the server backplane) should operate at the same data transfer rate or the system bandwidth will be negotiated down to an acceptable level for all components.




Hope that helps.




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Re: Smart Array P410 low speed

i'm remove "old" drivers physically and logically, but no result.


What i can do?




Mark Matthews
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Re: Smart Array P410 low speed

If you have 3G and 6G drives on the same controller then the lowest speed between drives or controller 'wins'.
To get full 6G speeds, you need all the drives and the controller to support 6G.

(The P410 is already 6G)


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