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Smart array 641& Server 2008 problem

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Smart array 641& Server 2008 problem


I'm trying to install Server 2008 on a machine which has HP smart array 641 controller.
When I install server OS it finishes instalation normally, but when I try to reboot it for the first time it never ends booting.
The green line on 2008 server booting screen goes on and on, and it never gets to the logon screen.

SA 641 drivers page don't have 2008 boot (F6) drivers, because I saw that server 2008 have that driver integrated in installation, but obviously it don't work well.

I tried with server 2003 boot (F6) drivers on Win server 2008 but same thing happens.

Win 2003 server installation works without problems.

Machine is an Asus server with a SA 641.
Could I download somewhere F6 drivers for Win server 2008, or does someone have other sugestions?


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Re: Smart array 641& Server 2008 problem


which server model?

have you try smartstart CD 8.0 x32 or x64 bits depending on the OS your are installing

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Re: Smart array 641& Server 2008 problem

Well it's an Asus AP1600R with SA 641, so I think that Smart start couldn't help me, or am I wrong?