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SmartArray 2DH / Proliant 1600 / Win2K

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SmartArray 2DH / Proliant 1600 / Win2K

I have an old Proliant 1600 server running Windows 2000 Server. I've patched it using the current versions of the firmware and smartstart cd's. When I try to run the HP Array Config utility v7.40.7.0 or the cli version, it doesn't work. The regular utility gives me a BSOD - KMODE_Exception_Not_Handled and the event log lists a reboot from bugcheck. Tried the cli version and it appears to hang searching for controllers, and then the server reboots... I'm going to try upgrading to the latest version of the ACU and see what happens. Any other suggestions?

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Re: SmartArray 2DH / Proliant 1600 / Win2K

Don't stop at updating only the ACU. run the 7.50 PSP on it. give it a reboot. try it agin after update and a reboot.
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Re: SmartArray 2DH / Proliant 1600 / Win2K

OK. I'll give that a try during my next maintenance window and see what happens.

The server may be confused because there are still links for the Compaq ACU, although it would just hang after bringing up the splash screen when I try to run it. I was thinking that perhaps I should uninstall the following -

Compaq Survey Utility
HP Array Configuration Utility
HP Array Configuration Utility CLI
HP Array Diagnostic Utility
HP Insight Diags Online Edition for Windows
HP Insight Management Agents
HP Proliant Integrated Management Log Viewer
HP Proliant Legacy Port Configuration Component
HP Proliant Remote Management Service
HP System Management Homepage
HP Version Control Agent v2.1

Then reinstall the latest version of the HP ACU, then update from the v7.5 PSP CD.

But, I'll try the shorter process (ACU & PSP) first and see what happens.