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SmartArray 6400 will not rebuild

Rodney Lambson
New Member

SmartArray 6400 will not rebuild

The array is running in a ML370G4, Netware 6.5 SP8. The array is configured for RAID5 with 3 drives (slots 0, 1, and 2) and 1 online spare (slot 3). It was running normally with no drive in slot 3. The drive in slot 2 failed a week ago. I replaced the drive in slot 2 and added a spare in slot 3. The array appeared to be rebuilding the drive in slot 2 (online & activity LEDs flashing). I noticed Friday the online LED for disk 2 was out when shut the server down.

I power it up this morning to find the rebuild had been aborted. The array config util states all drives are present and accounted for. However, every time reboot it, it states drive 2 needs rebuilding. I can see the activity & online LEDs activate for about a minute as if the rebuild is happening, then the go dark. Oddly enough, the server will still load Netware and the activity LED on drives 0-2 will flash as though nothing's wrong. Yet the online LED for drive 2 wont stay on. I've tried upgrading the controller firmware from 2.34 to 2.86 and the firmware on the drives themselves with out success.

I've attached a copy of the array diag utility output.

Can I still return this server to fully operational status, or am I going to have to wipe the array clean & start over?