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SmartArray 641 Expansion

Occasional Contributor

SmartArray 641 Expansion

Hi all,

We have a ML370 G3 with a SmartArray 641 controller. Our Disks configuration was as follows:
Array A - SCSI (0,1) Mirrored 36Gb with Single Logical Drive (36Gb)
Array B - SCSI (2,3,4) RAID 5 73Gb with Single Logical Drive (146Gb)

We upgraded our Array B physical drives from 73 to 146Gb and also added one more. So we now had Array B - SCSI (2,3,4,5) RAID 5 146Gb
I expanded the array without issue. And then expanded the Logical drive, however I was not able to extend the drive to occupy the entire avaialble space.

So I now have
Logical Drive (261Gb) and unused space (211Gb)

I would like to roll the unused space into the existing logical drive without creating new one, but there are no options for extending anymore.

Any Ideas??