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SmartArray 64xx error at bootup

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SmartArray 64xx error at bootup

I've got a brand new ML370G4 server with a SmartArray 6404/256 controller in it, that I think has just suffered failure. At bootup time, it gives an error message that the SmartArray controller is in a "locked" state and then complains that the main controller itself and the EM320 expansion module are not running the same version of firmware. They are indeed running the same version of firmware, the latest available 2.34. I even tried re-flashing the firmware with both the Windows hot online firmware update tool and also the most current bootable firmware update CDROM iso available on HP's website. I have three identical machines, all equipped with the exact same hardware options, and all three are running the same versions of all the various hardware componets' firmwares. Only this one machine has gone flakey. The other two are operating just fine. The problem first appeared when my Oracle database crashed, reporting file corruption in one of its control files, which resides on a drive array hosted from this SmartArray card. I can still boot up Windows because the system drive is hosted on a different controller.

Has my almost brand-new SmartArray 6404/256 card simply failed?
Bostjan Kosi
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Re: SmartArray 64xx error at bootup

Thank god for the warranty....
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